How does marriage counselling work?

People’s perceptions of marriage counselling can vary greatly. While some are optimistic about the potential it brings, others might view it as a waste of time.

The truth is that it can be integral in many marriages – and it’s never too early to start it, no matter how long you and your partner have been together.

While it may be associated with couples who are no longer happy in their relationship, it can also be used for those undergoing a difficult period of change such as grief. There are many reasons why marriage counselling can play a valuable role in a marriage or relationship.

What is marriage counselling?

Trained professionals carry out marriage counselling. They help couples identify issues and come up with solutions that allow them to move forward as a team.

Marriage counselling is all about focusing on the marriage in its present state. Perhaps the two of you are overcoming a difficult challenge together or perhaps you feel as though the spark is no longer there. It differs slightly to couples therapy, however the two are often used interchangeably.

How does it work

There are several reasons why couples seek marriage counselling. They might need assistance with the following:

  • Improving communication
  • Addressing issues within the relationship
  • Working through a difficult change
  • Moving on from infidelity
  • Stopping a marriage from ending in divorce
  • Addressing issues involving children or other family members
  • Rebuilding the spark

Several types of counselling styles can be used to help. The Gottman method involves identifying harmful behaviours within relationships that can lead to problems in a marriage. For example, your counsellor may highlight behaviours such as constantly criticising your partner and exploring the impact these could be having on your relationship.

Discernment counselling can be used to help couples decide what the next step should be and whether they can work through their issues or whether they may be happier apart. Meanwhile, solution-focused therapy can help couples find resolutions to particular problems they may be facing.

In some cases, couples or individuals seek help beyond marriage counselling. For example, you may find it beneficial to get legal advice from specialist divorce solicitors. With the help of a reputable family law firm, you can work through a range of issues in your marriage, whether this involves financial matters or child law.


While the perfect relationship doesn’t exist, finding new ways to navigate struggles that could be harming it can be extremely valuable. It’s also worth remembering that patience is key. Your relationship won’t necessarily change overnight, however with the right guidance and a revised mindset, the two of you can embrace a new chapter together.

It can help you feel closer as a couple and become more intimate. Sometimes, one person coming to terms with their personal struggles can have a positive impact on the relationship as a whole. With the right advice, you can come away with improved communication skills that will help you get through anything.

Remember, if you need legal advice regarding your marriage, you can always contact a family law or specialist divorce solicitor to help you take the next step.



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