How to keep your staff productive while travelling

Do you have a staff work trip coming up? Statistics show that the average monthly outbound business trips from the UK surpassed 300,000 in March and April in 2022 alone. Additional reports state that business trips from the UK increased from 661,000 to 1.4 million between 2022 and 2023, indicating that there are no signs of this trend slowing down.

Having said this, it’s understandable for employers to put thought into how they can get the most out of these trips, largely due to the expenses involved. However, certain strategies can be used to aid the process and maximise staff output while they’re away.

Strategies that will help:

Here are some suggestions to keep productivity on the agenda.

  • Manage expectations ahead of the trip: At there end of the day, this is a work trip. Anyone chosen to take this trip will need to understand what they are signing up for – and most will be grateful and even flattered to be chosen. However, there’s no harm in settling expectations to begin with. This way, your staff will have an understanding of what is expected of them.
  • Arrange comfortable travel: With the increase in flights with empty segments, the private jet lifestyle is becoming significantly more accessible to a broader spending base. You could book a private jet to ensure your team travels comfortably, while also giving them a space where they can work freely during the flight. When you reach the destination, continue to book or fund comfortable travel in the form of taxis to make sure everyone can move around easily and safely.
  • Encourage them to stay on top of admin: A good way to stay on top of relentless admin is to utilise small breaks while travelling. There may be a 20-minute wait for transport to arrive, for instance. And with digital devices allowing staff to work while on the move, this can be used to their advantage. Checking and staying on top of emails is an example of something that can be done in these snippets of time.
  • Delegate tasks: By assigning team members with dedicated jobs, this will help everyone get the most out of their trip, without the risk of work duplication or crossed wires. Clear communication at the outset is essential so that everybody can focus on the task at hand.
  • Schedule breaks: While it is a work trip, it’s important to schedule breaks or recreational activities to help staff unwind and recharge. Plus, you can use this to your advantage encouraging bonding with the team outside of work. You could organise a meal or drinks to get everyone together.

By putting these simple steps into place, you can ensure your work trips are efficient and productive, while still being enjoyable.

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