The benefits for families of buying used cars

The cost-of-living crisis is affecting families in a major way, from day-to-day expenses to whether people even feel comfortable having children in the first place. Finding the right car can be a complicated decision when kids are in the equation but, for families worried about budget at this time, the used car market presents a worthy alternative that can meet needs without breaking the bank. If you’ve not previously considered opting for a pre-owned vehicle, here’s why it might be the right choice for your family.

Cost savings

Whether you’re shopping local or visiting used car dealers further afield in places such as Cannock, the obvious main benefit to buying a used car is that it is much cheaper than going brand-new. This is mainly due to the rapid depreciation that new vehicles undergo in their first few years – you can get a car that’s only a few years old for a fraction of its original price. Additionally, insurance costs for used cars are typically lower.

Wider choice of vehicles

Families have diverse needs, which can include extra seating space or advanced safety features. The used car market offers a wider array of options to meet those needs within the same budget, allowing you to choose vehicles that might be out of your price range if purchased new.

Reliability and durability

Modern cars are designed to last for much longer than their older counterparts were, which makes used cars increasingly dependable as that durability works its way more and more firmly into the used market over time. Many pre-owned vehicles still have many years of service life remaining, especially those that come from reputable manufacturers. With proper maintenance, a used car can serve a family well without the frequent need for repairs​.

Certified and warrantied options

For those concerned about the potential hidden problems of used cars, look for vehicles marked as ‘approved used’ (sometimes referred to as ‘certified pre-owned’ or CPO). These are cars that have been thoroughly inspected and certified by the manufacturer and dealership to confirm that they are in high quality and condition. They may often include an extended warranty as well.

Environmental impact

As the UK starts to feel serious weather effects from climate change, the fact that choosing a used car is a more environmentally friendly choice should carry some weight. Buying used reduces the demand for new car production, which involves significant energy use and emissions. It also maximises the value extracted from the materials used to build a car, contributing to a reduction in the overall environmental impact of manufacturing new vehicles​.

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