Experience the magic of history in south Wales with Cadw this May half term

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Cadw has revealed its exciting lineup of events across south Wales for May half term, offering a range of activities for families at Wales’ mightiest castles, baths and industrial sites.

Whether you’re craving adventure, eager to uncover history or simply seeking quality time with your loved ones, Cadw’s events are suitable for all.

A selection of the most unique events is below; for a full list of Cadw events over the half term holiday and admission information, visit Cadw’s website.


May Bank Holiday Madness (Castell Coch)

Embark on an enchanting adventure this bank holiday weekend by completing the fairy trail at Castell Coch. Wander through the wooded pathways and discover hidden wonders around every corner. Children can visit the face painting station and craft their own crown and wand to complete the magical experience at Wales’ very own fairytale castle.

Event info:

Saturday 25th, Sunday 26th and Monday 27th May, 11:00– 15:00


Medieval Murder Mystery (Raglan Castle)

Step back to 1487 at Raglan Castle for a thrilling Medieval Murder Mystery event. Amidst Henry VII’s reign, treachery looms, and it’s up to visitors to unravel the truth. Arms and armour demonstrations, interactive activities and other historical displays are also available throughout the day for visitors to enjoy.

Event info:

Sunday 26th & Monday 27th May, 11:00 – 15:30


A Medieval May time! (Caerphilly Castle)

Journey into the heart of medieval history at Caerphilly Castle with crafts, costumed performances about knights and the castle, and the charming castle trail. This weekend guarantees an unforgettable adventure for the whole family, so don’t miss the opportunity to explore Wales’ mightiest medieval fortress across the bank holiday weekend.

Event info:

Saturday 25th, Sunday 26th and Monday 27th May, 11:00 – 15:00


Under the Sea (Caerleon Roman Fortress and Baths)

Dive into the depths of history and unravel the underwater secrets hidden at Caerleon Roman Fortress and Baths. Keep your senses sharp and your eyes peeled, for hidden amidst the ancient baths lie underwater mosaics waiting to be discovered.

Event info:

Every day from Saturday 25th May to Sunday 2nd June, 10:00 – 16:00


World War 1 (Blaenafon Ironworks)

Surround yourself in the sights, sounds and stories of The Great War at Blaenafon Ironworks. Explore living history up close – with authentic weaponry displays, blacksmith demonstrations and a military hospital to step back into the wartime period. This unique event offers visitors a glimpse into one of the most significant times in human history.

Event info:

Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June, 11:00 – 16:00


Medieval Musical Moments (Tretower Court and Castle)

Experience the magic of the 15th century brought to life through music this bank holiday weekend at Tretower Court and Castle. Enjoy these two historical buildings in one as the melodies of the musical duo Pease Pottage echo through the ancient walls and whisk you away to Wales’ past.

Event info:

Saturday 25th, Sunday 26th and Monday 27th May, 10:30 – 16:30


Cadw’s events are filled with fun, history and valuable experiences and a full list can be found here.

Cadw memberships offer free event entry and unlimited access to over 130 historic places across Wales all year round, offering a unique way to explore Wales’ rich heritage.

To help you discover new adventures for your children and their friends, all adult Cadw memberships now include free entry for children.


There are over 130 historic places to visit and 1,000 reasons for us all to become a Cadw member.

Find out more at https://www.cadwmembership.service.gov.wales/

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