Hawkstone Scholarship Programme Winner Announced at University of South Wales

During September 2023, Hawkstone Commercials launched the Hawkstone Scholarship Programme which gave business study students at the University of South Wales the opportunity to compete for a £500 bursary payment.

Hawkstone Commercials is an independent vehicle leasing broker operating out of Bridgend in South Wales who were recently named in the Top 100 SME Businesses 2024.

The task set to the students was to write a detailed paper on how to overcome one of the key issues that faces the motor industry, and to outline opportunities in the market to further grow the business.

The winner was selected after a vigorous judging process, and it has been announced that the Hawkstone Scholarship bursary will go to Lekshmi Nair after delivering an exceptional final paper on the subject matter.

Director of Hawkstone Commercials, Oliver Lewis said “As a business we feel very strongly about giving back to organisations and charities as often as we can. There is a lot of talent within the University of South Wales, and it is important to give them as many real-world opportunities as possible to ensure they can develop into the next generation of entrepreneurs”.

“After meeting with Lekshmi, it was clear that the Scholarship Programme has added a lot of value to the University and the students within. We have made the decision to start another programme this year, which we believe will be a bigger success than the last” Oliver added.

Lekshmi Nair said “It was fantastic to challenge myself in a subject and topic that I am not particularly familiar with. I undertook a lot of research to fully understand how the industry operates to ensure that I provided a strong and robust paper. I would like to thank Hawkstone Commercials for the opportunity”.

Hawkstone Commercials has set its sights on expanding the Scholarship Programme across other universities in Wales, and to local colleges in the near future.