Bridgend becomes one of the Top Ten Easiest Places to Pass Driving Test

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If you’re a committed driving student, have been practising outside of lessons and are still not passing your test, chances are that you are taking your test in a particularly tricky area that demands a lot of drivers. There could be more complicated junctions, more traffic and tight streets to manoeuvre around.

Improve your chances by taking your test in an easier place! Bridgend, a town 20 miles west of Cardiff, has undergone a recent study and results show that it is one of the top ten easiest places in the UK to pass the driving test. Why, you ask? Read on to find out more.

The Driving Test Landscape in Bridgend

Barry might take the top spot for the easiest place to pass your test in Wales, but Bridgend also has a very impressive score. With a pass percentage of 59.9, and over 3,000 tests taking place from April 2020 to June 2021, you can see why the route is so popular.

The route throws up very few difficult situations and takes drivers through the centre of the town and then off to the outskirts. Due to the small size of the town and the lower number of residents, there are few immediate obstacles or hazards. The route also takes drivers to surrounding villages which are quiet and easy to navigate.

Local Driving Instructors’ Impact

There’s no denying the role that driving instructors have in the success of their students. Instructors who see a high pass rate are generally more approachable, friendly and don’t make their students feel under pressure whilst driving.

Driving instructors in Bridgend have proven how good instructors can improve the pass rate drastically. With many reporting how supportive their driving instructors were, it’s clear that their friendly and supportive approach is working.

How learner drivers can improve their chances

It’s not all up to the route and the instructors, however. Like with any other route in the country, students need to focus during lessons and practice whenever possible. It’s possible to practice outside of lessons by buying temporary car insurance on a parent’s or friend’s car. All you need is someone who has a full licence to accompany you.

Away from the car seat, students can also study the rules and regulations of the road. You will have to learn all this for the mandatory theory examination but it’s good to be fully aware of what all road signs mean as this can impact your score.

Community support and resources

Those who are planning on taking their test in Bridgend will be happy to know that there are lots of initiatives and resources that support learner drivers. There are many workshops, driving practice areas, or local programmes to see you through to that coveted ‘pass’ certificate.

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