How to modernise your master bedroom

As a nation, us Brits just absolutely love decorating and sprucing up our homes.

In fact, a survey posted on Insight DIY found that at any one time around a quarter of households are touching up their homes.

It added that people will spruce up their bedrooms about once every 29 months. Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, they are our safe havens, our changing rooms, our places to read, our space for – ahem – extra curricular activities.

So, it makes perfect sense that we would want to keep our master bedrooms looking fresh and stylish. If you are thinking of doing some work, here are some tips to modernise your master bedroom.



Our bedrooms, understandably, can quickly become dumping grounds if we do not keep on top of things.

Clothes, both washed and unwashed, old and new, can be left strewn across the floor. Unopened presents from Christmas or birthdays may be laying around unceremoniously to avoid cluttering up other rooms in the home.

Whatever it may be, our master bedrooms can sometimes become a little untidy.

So your first duty is to give your master bedroom a little TLC. Spend some time decluttering your room, re-evaluating your space and deciding how you want to organise furnishings.

Once you have gotten rid of anything you no longer want, you might wish to considering painting or wallpapering your walls to freshen things up.

And if you find you are still in need of extra space, then think about having some fitted wardrobes installed to give you extra space to neatly pack away your clothes, shoes, and other items you need to store away.


Soft furnishings

So, you have ridden your safe space of clutter, now it is time to take out any old furniture you no longer need or want – old bedside tables, lamps etc.

You now have a nice, clear, open space to decorate and soft furnishings make all the difference when trying to bring a bit of life to your master bedroom.

A nice rug for instance will keep the room feeling nice and cosy, you could purchase new, plump cushions to add to your bed or any other seating furniture you have in there, and you can add in some fancy bedding to give a more regal feel.

Additionally, you could put a nice, knitted throw at the end of your bed and use floating shelves to make the most of wall space to put up nice family photos or decorative ornaments.


Change the mattress

It may not be the cheapest thing in the world, but changing your mattress has aesthetic benefits and health benefits.

A nice new mattress can be good for your back and posture, and help you get a nice, relaxed sleep at night, so a new mattress is worth the outlay when redecorating your bedroom.

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