Finding Peace Amid a Global Pandemic

Mindfulness Expert Suzanne Kent considers how, even mid Pandemic, we can reconnect with ourselves and find peace within

When the world seems be in chaos and there appear to be challenges everywhere – how do we find calm and happiness? How do we find our peace? Is this possible or do we have to succumb to the fear surrounding us? Do we have a choice?

There is so much going on in the world right now (and there often appears to be so much going on in our own worlds) that we need to find ways to find daily calm and joy. We need to have simple ways to reconnect with ourselves and our wellbeing. This is vital to our sense of calm and ‘who we really are’.

This is where I feel mindfulness comes into its own. It is a simple and gentle way of observing our days and processing what goes on  – without getting overwhelmed or despairing at ‘what is’. It is a way of being present and being an observer of our world.

By observing, we understand what is really going on both inside and outside of ourselves –  without getting caught up in our thinking mind and its cluttered and confused perception of situations. Through simple techniques and ways of being – you can experience calmer days and a more positive view of the circumstances around you.

Mindfulness also allows you to feel true compassion for your experiences and the experiences of the world around you. Here are some simple techniques to help support you during challenging times:

  • Have lots of mini-pauses in your day. These can be as simple as taking a single breath or recalling a lovely memory or dream. These pauses will slow down the thinking mind – which will stop it racing or catastrophising or negatively jumping ahead to future moments.
  • Saying the words ‘This too shall pass’, when you are feeling overwhelmed or caught up in the external chaos, will help. This will bring clarity to a busy, overloaded mind
  • Being present. Bringing yourself into the moment you are actually living in, will bring peace and presence. You can be present by noticing something (like a candle, something in nature or even just looking at and feeling your hand). By spending even just a small moment in ‘the moment’ will stop your mind future racing or backwards dwelling. This is fantastic for calm amongst the chaos!
  • Be mindful of what you absorb from the world. During challenging times, the medias around us can often bombard us with information and lots of this is not necessarily useful to us in our daily lives. Being mindful of this means being aware of what you expose yourself to – which medias work for you and which ones leave you feeling drained and more negative. Be discerning in your social media and news viewing to suits your needs best – while still being aware of what you really need to know.

You can be the calm amongst the chaos.

You can choose to be present in the most effective way for you and the world around you – even during the most challenging times.

Love and light,

Suzanne x


About Suzanne

Suzanne Kent is a mindfulness practitioner and teacher in South Wales.  A qualified reiki master and practitioner, you can read her story here: About | Sessions of the Soul

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