Cargo washes ashore from lost storage containers

Debris and cargo from missing storage containers is starting to wash ashore in Bridgend County Borough.

It follows news that five of the 40-foot long containers remain unaccounted for after being lost from a cargo ship in the Bristol Channel.

While the majority of the containers were empty when they were lost, some contained non-hazardous absorbent tissue products such as nappies.

These are now washing ashore all along the coastline of Bridgend County Borough, and arrangements are in place for the debris and cargo to be collected and returned to its owners.

Councillor Richard Young, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “The council is working alongside the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and procedures are in place to recover the washed-up cargo.

“Over the next few days, we will be working to remove it all from the shoreline, and will be closely monitoring the situation in case further cargo is washed ashore.

“While it is unlikely that residents will encounter the cargo due to the current lockdown procedures, the items should not be approached as they will be waterlogged and very heavy.

“Work is already underway to remove the items from the coastline, and the council and its partners will be working closely together to complete this over the next few days.”