Quantum Advisory gives update on the UK economy and pension schemes: Free Breakfast Seminar, Tuesday 29 November

Quantum Advisory explains what is going on with the UK economy and how it implicates pension schemes and investments  With the current unsettled markets and recent indecisive government actions, people could be forgiven for worrying […]


Pensions …yawn! But what if they could help save the planet? Huw Irranca-Davies, MS For Ogmore, shares his latest blog post

The recent announcement by RCT and WLGA Council Leader Andrew Morgan of his intention to work to reduce and ultimately remove – sooner rather than later – fossil fuels from the investment portfolio of  RCT’s […]


Quantum Advisory “Pensions for Brunch” webinar

Quantum Advisory will be hosting its regular “Pensions for Brunch” webinar to address selected topical issues on the agendas of pension scheme trustees, pension managers, finance directors, HR managers and anyone who has an interest […]