Huw Irranca-Davies MS Praises Local Pharmacies for Reducing NHS Strain Through Innovative Services

In a visit that highlights the vital role of local pharmacies in the healthcare system, Huw Irranca-Davies, MS for Ogmore, applauded Caerau and Nantyffyllon Pharmacies for their innovative services and dedication to community care. Both pharmacies are taking full advantage of the opportunities provided by Welsh government reforms to community pharmacies and providing a first-class service for many local residents.

Reforms have meant that community pharmacies across Wales are able to offer a wider range of services such as consultation services for common ailments, which helps take the strain off the NHS and improves access to primary care. The Welsh Government has also invested a further £18.3m over a three-year period to help pharmacies in Ogmore and across Wales achieve these goals.


In 2023 over half a million consultation services under the ‘Clinical Community Pharmacy Service’ (CCPS) took place with nearly 240,000 consultations for common ailments such as sore throats and allergies marking a significant increase of 73.9% from 2021-22.

The number of these consultation services continues to rise. Last year, more than 160,000 NHS seasonal flu vaccinations were also administered under the new system. Some pharmacists with specialist training are helping with more complex issues such as urinary tract, ear and skin infections which would otherwise require a GP. More pharmacists are being trained up to be able to offer consultation services and handle more complex cases.


Huw Irranca-Davies MS commented after the visit: “I am delighted to see the successful expansion of services available at local pharmacies, freeing up over 400,000 GP appointments and making it easier for people with minor ailments to access medical help.  Jonathan in Caerau Pharmacy and Anna in the nearby Nantyffyllon Pharmacy along with their dedicated staff are great examples of how the system is working well and easing the burden on GP practices.  They are passionate about providing patients with the best care possible and are playing an integral role in the primary care system”.

“With continued support and investment, community pharmacies are set to play an even more crucial role in the healthcare system, benefiting patients and the NHS alike.”