Maesteg Line Improvements: Transport for Wales Responds to Campaigning Efforts

Ogmore MS Huw Irranca-Davies has shared a a detailed response from Transport for Wales (TfW) CEO regarding recent concerns raised about Maesteg line services. This follows a successful public meeting and subsequent letter sent on behalf of constituents.

The response is shared below:

TfW Acknowledge the frustration and challenges passengers have faced caused by cancelled trains and delays and apologised for recent service disruptions. They addressed specific service challenges including, Timetable limitations and turnaround times at Maesteg; Disruption caused by services operating on the South Wales Main Line; Rolling stock availability and the introduction of new Class 197 trains; Train cleanliness and platform maintenance.

TfW outlined their planned actions including:

  • Investigate connecting Maesteg and Ebbw Vale services to improve turnaround times and reduce cancellations;
  • Develop a plan for handling cancelled trains,
  • prioritising Bridgend as a station with more onward travel options;
  • Collaborate with Network Rail to minimise disruption from the South Wales Main Line;
  • Review cleaning procedures for trains and platforms.

Huw Irranca-Davies has confirmed a follow up public meeting will be held on 25th April in Pencoed with further details to be announced soon and plans are also underway for a public meeting in Pontyclun with Transport for Wales and Mick Antoniw MS.

In response to the letter Mr Irranca-Davies said: “Our campaigning for improvements on the trains definitely has the full attention of Transport for Wales, following the recent public meeting we organised, and my follow-up letter to the CEO.

“We are pleased to see this detailed response from the CEO which includes an apology for the poor recent performance, as well as actions which should bring the improvements we want to see. It is essential that people make the effort to attend these public meetings so we can continue to challenge and support these improvements to our rail journeys.”

Full details for the public meetings will be advertised on Huw’s website and social media channels.