10,000 trees to be planted in the Ogmore Valley to tackle climate change and habitat loss

As part of the council’s commitment to responding to climate change and habitat loss, it will be planting 10,000 trees at Aber Fields in the Ogmore Valley, known locally as the Planka.

The scheme, which started today (15 February), is a phased programme of works involving tree planting, wildflower meadow and wet land creation and the removal of non-native species.

The first phase will involve planting over 5,000 native tree species, starting within the current planting season in February 2024.

As a result of these works, the scheme will create a more ecologically diverse area, promote habitat connectivity and benefit species in the Ogmore Valley.

The works are being funded through Bridgend County Borough Council and Welsh Government’s Local Places for Nature Fund.

The other phases of the scheme will scheduled in subsequent years/seasons and subject to finances.