Phased expansion of Flying Start childcare provision continues across the county borough

Welsh Government funding is supporting the phased roll out of Flying Start childcare provision across the county borough, with additional postcode areas in Cefn Cribwr, Cornelly and Kenfig Hill benefitting from the initiative in January 2024.

These additional postcode areas have been included in the second phase of the scheme, to ensure that the target number of children set by Welsh Government is achieved by the end of the financial year.  This means that all two to three-year-olds living in Cefn Cribwr, Pyle, Cornelly and Kenfig Hill will be eligible for the Flying Start funded childcare provision from January 2024.


Emily Huntley, a parent who is eligible for the recent expansion of Flying Start in North Cornelly, highlights how the provision has been beneficial for her family.  She said:

It’s great to be finally included in the Flying Start postcode expansion – it has helped massively with childcare, enabling me to work full time.

“My child is now able to access a high quality setting at North Cornelly Playgroup, that I know will benefit her early years development.  It’s lovely that the expansion is widening to allow more families to be as fortunate as we are.


Councillor Neelo Farr, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Wellbeing, said: “This is fantastic news for families living in those communities.  The funded Flying Start childcare provision is an amazing support for parents and children, offering an intensive health visiting service, help for speech, language and communication development and more.

“Regular attendance at high quality childcare has shown to significantly improve outcomes for children.  Research shows that increasing the investment in children’s early years will have an improved impact on their health and educational outcomes in the short term and will improve their life skills in the longer term.

“Evidence demonstrates how Flying Start is making a significant, positive impact on children – when they go to school, they are ready to learn and are more confident in socialising with other children.  The scheme has led to earlier support for families, while contact with health visitors and other Flying Start professionals has led to parents being more informed and having greater confidence.”


Registration for the Flying Start provision in the additional postcode areas in Cefn Cribwr, Cornelly and Kenfig Hill is now open.

Parents can email [email protected] to register.