ITV Wales showcase ‘Market Hall at the Rhiw’ as traders receive boost

The new ‘Market Hall at the Rhiw’ was featured on ITV Wales News earlier this week with traders praising the quality of the new facilities whilst being impressed with the increased footfall.

Chris Pritchard of ‘Wheelys’, told ITV Wales: “Previously at the Indoor Market I sold around two kilograms of Coffee a week on average and since the move to our new location I have been going through around 17 kilograms a week.

“There has been a massive difference. It’s purely because we’ve got front-row access to the Rhiw. Everyone can see us and there’s a massive buzz about, that there’s a new market in town, a lot of people are coming in for it.”

A specialist contractor has been appointed to carry out a specialist survey which will help to determine the way forward. The council are now waiting for the official findings, but it has been indicated that the required work is expected to be significant. As with all works of this nature, any future decision will go through a detailed process which will include engagement with a variety of key stakeholders.


The full report is available to watch on the ITV Wales website.