Council reveals concept designs for new community facilities in Porthcawl

Bridgend County Borough Council has published designs which set out its ambitions for how public open space could be used in the Porthcawl waterfront area, and what new community facilities it will seek to develop over the next few years as part of the town’s ongoing regeneration.

The latest proposals are focused on the waterfront regeneration area, which encompasses 32 hectares of open space located around Salt Lake, Hillsboro, Griffin Park, Coney Beach, Sandy Bay, the Relic Dunes, Rhych Point and numerous links in between, including land that runs through the funfair and former Monster Park sites.

The concept designs reflect the aims and objectives of the council’s Placemaking Strategy for Porthcawl as well as feedback, suggestions and ideas that have been gathered through extensive public consultation.


Cllr Rhys Goode, Cabinet Member for Housing, Planning and Regeneration, said: “While these proposals are illustrative and dependent upon the availability of future funding sources, they reflect both the council’s long term ambitions for Porthcawl and our desire to work closely alongside local people as we seek to deliver a regeneration that is effective, realistic and sustainable.

“In preparing these concept designs, we have gathered feedback and taken views from residents and visitors alike. This has included a great deal of consultation with people of all ages and backgrounds, including school children and local groups and organisations, in order to gather as many insights as possible.

“Following careful analysis, the views and ideas amassed from those sessions have now been represented within these concept design plans, and we are presenting them together with examples of existing facilities from other parts of the UK to provide an insight into how they could look here.

“You can find out more and view the concept designs online at the council website, or by calling in to Porthcawl Library where copies are available for a closer look.”