Calling all dog lovers: Dogs Trust Bridgend seeks forever, loving home for partially blind lurcher

Dogs Trust Bridgend, the UK’s leading dog welfare charity, is urging the public to consider adopting a sighthound and is shining a much-needed light on these beautiful and deserving dogs.

Sighthounds are a group of dog breeds known for their speed, agility, and sharp eyesight. They include popular breeds like the Greyhound, Lurcher, Saluki, Afghan Hound, Borzoi, Whippet, and Irish Wolfhound.

At present, the centre is caring for six sighthounds, all seeking loving and forever homes, and among them is Andrew, a stunning four-year-old Lurcher, full of love and affection. He has been at Dogs Trust Bridgend for almost one year and is now looking for his forever home.

Andrew faces some challenges as he has limited sight. He requires a predictable environment that can provide him with the confidence he needs to navigate his surroundings. The dedicated staff at Dogs Trust Bridgend are working hard to help Andrew improve his socialising skills with other dogs and acclimate him to walking alongside them.

Angela Wetherall, the Rehoming Centre Manager for Wales, emphasised the importance of finding the right home for Andrew:

“Andrew is a truly special dog who deserves a loving and understanding home. We are looking for a family who can provide him with a calm and stable environment, allowing him to thrive and feel safe. While Andrew may need to be the only dog in the household and cannot live with cats or small furries, he is extremely friendly and affectionate and would make the perfect addition to the right family.”

Andrew can live with children aged 14 years and over who can appreciate and respect his unique needs. By settling into a nurturing and supportive environment, Andrew will be able to make significant progress and show his true potential. His intelligence and eagerness to solve puzzles make him the perfect companion for owners who enjoy engaging their canine companions in mentally stimulating activities.

Adopting a sighthound from Dogs Trust Bridgend not only brings joy and companionship into your life but also helps provide a loving home to a deserving dog in need. With their elegant grace and charming personalities, the sighthounds at their rehoming centre are the perfect companions for adult-only families, families with older children, and for some even households with other dogs.

If you are interested in adopting Andrew or any of the other sighthounds at Dogs Trust Bridgend, please visit the rehoming centre’s website at or contact them directly at 0303 003 0000.