More than a quarter of people without a Will don’t think they need one


A survey carried out by Age Connects Cardiff and the Vale has found that 28% of participants without a Will think they don’t need one, with others blaming a lack of time and being too young for not getting their affairs in order. Half of those without a Will simply haven’t thought about it. The figures came out of a recent Age Connects survey ahead of Remember a Charity Week (5-11 Sept) which encourages individuals to consider leaving a gift to charity in their Will after taking care of loved ones.

Anyone who dies without a Will is subject to the rules of intestacy which means their wishes may not be fulfilled. Under these rules, only married or civil partners and select close relatives can inherit and no provisions will be made for good causes the individual may have wished to support.

Reassuringly, 87% of those surveyed have made a Will, with 39.5% of those including a charitable donation and nearly half (47.2%) stating they planned to. Nearly a quarter (24.4%) of the respondents are considering leaving more than £10,000 to charity in their Will, and more than a third (36.4%) of people who are leaving a charitable legacy, or plan to leave one, have chosen a local charity to help causes close to them.

Age Connects Cardiff and the Vale is an independent charity that supports older people in the region, many of whom are physically frail and live alone. The charity predicts this winter will see its resources stretched as the cost-of-living crisis worsens; particularly impacting the elderly. They believe legacies are crucial in safeguarding charities during this difficult period.


CEO for Age Connects Cardiff and the Vale, Jeff Hawkins, said: “Legacies are a delicate subject, but for small charities such as ours, they really do make a huge impact and enable us to continue supporting the most vulnerable in our community. To hear that a quarter of people don’t think they need a Will is extremely worrying, as there’s no guarantee their money, property or possessions will go where they want them to. Creating a Will enables the individual to specifically distribute their assets to family, friends and charities if they so wish and can afford to.

“Remember a Charity Week is instrumental in highlighting not only the pivotal role that legacies play in future-proofing charity work, but also the importance of creating a Will and appointing a Power of Attorney.”


Age Connects Cardiff and the Vale offer a Will Writing Scheme which offers a reduced rate with numerous reputable local solicitors who can draft Wills in a professional and comprehensive manner, as well as providing advice on all legal matters such as Lasting Powers of Attorney.

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