Bridgend Residents encouraged to take part in social services review

copyright Lisa Baker 2021

Residents who have requested social services advice or assistance from Bridgend County Borough Council are being encouraged to take part in a survey to share their experiences.

Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) is carrying out an assurance check of social services in Bridgend County Borough to review how well it continues to help adults, carers, children and families at this difficult time and its plans for sustainability of services into the future.

It will focus on how well the council delivers services and supports people to keep themselves safe and promote their own well-being.

The review will also look at how well the council is discharging its statutory functions to keep people who need care and their carers safe and promote their well-being during the pandemic, as well as how well it prevents the need for children to enter into care and if they are returning home to their families quickly enough, where it is safe for them to do so.

CIW wants to hear about residents’ experiences of asking for information, advice and assistance so it can try to understand what difference receiving services has made to them or their families.

Inspectors are not checking up on residents and participants do not have to share any personal information and can remain anonymous if they wish. However, if inspectors are told someone is being abused or neglected, they have a duty to share the information with others to prevent further harm.

The findings of the assurance check will be shared with Bridgend County Borough Council to help shape any improvements that are needed.

Some residents may be contacted to see if they are happy to take part over the phone or via video chat but an online survey is also available – visit CIW’s assurance survey.

For more information, call 0300 790 0126 or e-mail [email protected]