GlobalWelsh and Prince’s Trust Cymru join forces

Wales’ leading diaspora network and youth charity launch 10-year partnership

GlobalWelsh, a not-for-profit organisation focused on connecting the Welsh diaspora globally, and Prince’s Trust Cymru have committed to forming an impactful 10-year partnership which will encourage investment in Wales and inspire a generation of young people to achieve their potential. The two organisations have many common goals, one of which is to build a more prosperous Wales.

GlobalWelsh aims to achieve a more prosperous Wales through building a global community for Welsh people, and those with an affinity to Wales, celebrating Welsh success and creating a global-facing nation. The Prince’s Trust Cymru is focused on equipping young people with the skills, confidence and resilience they need to get a job, start up their own business or simply build a brighter future.

The aim of the partnership is to encourage investment and partnerships that will help Wales thrive and to raise the aspirations of young entrepreneurs in Wales. This will be achieved by celebrating and sharing the perspectives, experiences and know-how of Welsh business leaders around the world.

To launch the partnership, GlobalWelsh and Prince’s Trust Cymru will host a joint event in Summer 2021, focusing on the achievement of entrepreneurs in and from Wales, showcasing and nurturing business talent and discussing the challenges to growth. Other initiatives which the two organisations have committed to driving forward include identifying young people coming through The Trust’s Enterprise programme who would potentially benefit from GlobalWelsh’s diaspora direct investment (DDI) and global networking programmes and a joint approach to mentoring.

Phil Jones, Director of The Prince’s Trust Cymru said, “It is well documented that young people have been hit hard by this pandemic. Now, more than ever, is the time to join forces and work in partnership to create new opportunities for younger generations. With GlobalWelsh, the opportunities for collaboration between our two organisations are endless, and we feel the Welsh diaspora, both near and far, can play a big part in giving every young person in Wales the chance to succeed.”

Walter May, founder and CEO of GlobalWelsh, commented, “If there’s one thing GlobalWelsh is here to do it’s to have a positive impact on the future of Wales and Welsh people and our young people are absolutely central to achieving that. Engaging with our diaspora offers young people a unique opportunity to access inspirational and relatable Welsh people around the world who can offer them knowledge, new perspectives, opportunities, and even investment. We are delighted to be teaming up with The Prince’s Trust who share our passion for nurturing young people and helping them achieve their ambitions – which is now more important than ever.”