Help protect family and friends by using your local community testing centre

  • Residents urged to take part in Covid-19 community testing
  • Available at Tondu Cricket Club between now and Tuesday 23 March
  • Also at Caerau Athletic Football Club between Wednesday 24 – Wednesday 31 March

As part of the fight against the spread of coronavirus, community testing is taking place in a number of specific areas within Bridgend County Borough.

Community testing is offering people a fast, efficient way of checking that they are not unknowingly putting their community at risk, and we need as many people as possible to come and take part.

The community testing areas have been identified using data provided by Public Health Wales, and include the following:

  • Sarn, Aberkenfig, Coytrahen, Ynysawdre, Tondu, Bryncethin and Bryncoch
  • Careau, Nantyffyllon


Why community testing is taking place

The community testing is helping to locate residents of these areas who may have coronavirus without knowing it.

It is helping to prevent the virus from being unwittingly spread to family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues and more.

Community testing centres have been set up and no appointments are necessary – you can simply walk in for a quick, convenient test.


Where you can find your local community testing centres

The community testing centres are available at the following venues.

They can be used 9.30am-6.30pm Monday to Friday, and 10am-4pm on Saturdays and Sundays at:

  • Tondu Cricket Club between now and Tuesday 23 March
  • Caerau Athletic Football Club between Wednesday 24 – Wednesday 31 March


Who should take part in the community testing

The testing is aimed at all residents within the targeted areas who are aged 11 and over, and who are feeling otherwise fit and well.

Because it is possible for people who have been vaccinated to still carry the virus, people who may have already undergone a test or who have received a dose of the vaccine should still take part, although people who have been shielding are exempt.

No booking is required, but participants can speed up the registration process by downloading a Covid-19 QR code app before arrival – you can do this by visiting the Covid-19 webpage at the NHS website.

Participants are also advised not to eat for 30 minutes before arriving for a test.


What happens inside the community testing centre

At the community testing centre, staff will show people to booths where they can carry out a swab test.

Each swab is processed upon the premises, and participants will be contacted with the results within 30 minutes.

If a positive result is recorded, the participant will be asked to self-isolate while arrangements are made for them to receive a confirmatory test along with further advice and support.


How to find out more

For more information, visit the community testing page at