Council acts quickly to remove offensive graffiti

Bridgend County Borough Council has taken swift action to remove offensive graffiti which appeared overnight on a wall in Sarn.

The wall had originally been daubed with a message stating ‘Thank you NHS and key workers’, but was altered to feature an offensive swear word.

Local residents were quick to inform the council, and the Cleaner Streets team visited the location to remove the offending phrase. Arrangements are now being made for the wall to be painted over entirely, and the council is speaking to local organisations to see if a new tribute can be placed there.

Cllr Richard Young, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “When you consider how health and social care staff and other key workers are going above and beyond during the coronavirus pandemic, it beggars belief that someone would be so stupid to paint something like this.

“The fact that these workers are placing themselves at great personal risk of exposure to the virus while undertaking such work makes these idiotic remarks all the more offensive.

“I’d like to thank the council’s Cleaner Streets team for acting so quickly to deal with this issue. This disgusting comment was a blight on the neighbourhood, and certainly does not represent the feelings of the people of Sarn for the efforts that our NHS and key workers are continuing to make.”