Bridgend Council Leader welcomes news on budget settlement

The Leader of Bridgend County Borough Council has given a cautious welcome towards news that the authority is set to receive a budget settlement increase of 4.3 per cent for 2021-22.

Cllr Huw David said: “The challenges posed by both Brexit and the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic arrived on the back of more than a decade of huge cuts in council funding, so this news is most welcome.

“We will now be examining the implications of the draft settlement in closer detail in order to determine how far the increase is likely to help us meet the additional costs that have arisen as a result of these major issues.

“We will also be looking at how the money might be used to ease some of the more difficult and challenging reductions and cuts in services that we face having to make.

“We are very grateful to Welsh Government, in particular the First Minister, finance minister and local government minister, for listening to the concerns of council leaders and the Welsh Local Government Association about the huge pressures that we are facing.

“This increase to our core grant funding is most welcome, and we will ensure that the money can be used as effectively and as efficiently as possible.”