Council issues clarification on plans for new Welsh medium school

Bridgend County Borough Council has issued further clarification over its plans for establishing a new Welsh-medium primary school in the area.

It follows discussion and speculation which have circulated on social media around what the project involves, and where the school is going be sited.

Cllr Charles Smith, Cabinet Member for Education and Regeneration, said: “I am aware that various things have been claimed on social media around what the council is trying to achieve. While most of it has been honest discussion, some of it has been inaccurate or politically driven.

“As a result of this, I would like to restate the actual facts for the benefit of anyone who may not know the full picture.

“Bridgend County Borough Council has committed towards providing a brand new Welsh medium primary school as part of our ongoing multi-million pound programme of investing in modern educational facilities.

“We have already carried out survey work at the Brackla Hill site as part of a feasibility study, and are also looking at potential alternative locations that might be suitable for development.

“I want to stress that this long, complicated process is still ongoing, that no final decisions have been made on which site will be selected, and that we are not expecting to receive a report on the results of this work until 2021.

“Whichever site is ultimately chosen, it will be subject to a full public consultation process, and we will take all views and representations into consideration before making a decision on the final location.

“At this stage, the only thing anyone should take for certain is that the council remains committed towards investing millions of pounds into a new Welsh medium primary school for the county borough, and that we are determined to deliver the very best educational facilities possible for the benefit of local children.

“As part of this investment, we are also planning to provide a new English medium primary school at the site of the existing Bro Ogwr school.

“I hope this helps to clarify what is currently happening, and addresses some of the speculation that is currently circulating.”