South Wales Chamber of Commerce comments on Fire-Break Lockdown Plans

Paul Slevin, President, South Wales Chamber of Commerce, commented on the new fire-break lockdown which will come into force on Friday at 6:00pm

“While the new restrictions announced today are not to be welcomed by some, we understand that unfortunately this level of action is now what is required given the rising cases of coronavirus we are seeing in many parts of Wales. We are pleased to see early clarity on the restrictions that are to be implemented, along with the First Minister’s commitment that this ‘fire-break’ lockdown will remain in force for a defined period only.

“We also welcome the support packages announced today to support businesses large and small across Wales, in what will surely be another distressing period of worry and uncertainty for them. We are encouraged by the pace and speed at which Welsh Government are working in order to get this much needed support out to businesses, and hope that this will provide some security for some of our most valued but vulnerable businesses.

“We have already talked to many of our members across a variety of sectors and there are mixed reactions. High on the list of many companies is the effect on people. The opening of schools is a major plus so that children can enjoy some sort of routine. Equally, many employers are expressing concern for the mental health and welfare of their staff. We encourage everyone to be watchful for how this affects people and to make sure where possible that they get the right help.

“As we have been throughout this entire pandemic, we will continue to be here in support of our members, providing them with the resources, support and guidance they need to navigate these unprecedented times. This past weekend we have been speaking with as many of our members as possible to gather insight in to how lockdown measures may impact them, clarity they require and support that they would like to see, and passed that information directly on to the First Minister.

“We are pleased to see that many of our comments and suggestions have been taken on board in relation to today’s announcement, and we will continue to be provide a voice for our members in our conversations with Welsh Government as more details are released in the coming days, and as we enter this next period of restrictions.”