Schools update for Bridgend County Borough

Bridgend County Borough Council has released new figures for how local schools are coping with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Latest statistics confirm that 27 percent of all schools in the county borough are currently affected by the pandemic.

The latest data shows that there are positive Covid-19 tests for a total of 15 pupils and 5 members of staff.  A total of 537 pupils and 42 staff members are self-isolating across 16 schools.

The self-isolations are taking place purely as a precautionary measure and are in line with national advice from Public Health Wales. All pupils who are self-isolating are continuing to receive lessons thanks to online access, virtual classrooms and blended learning.

Cllr Charles Smith, Cabinet Member for Education and Regeneration, said: “These figures demonstrate that local schools are prioritising the safety and well-being of pupils, even as they strive to ensure that their education can continue with an absolute minimum of disruption.

“In each case, swift action has been taken and schools have acted promptly to implement precautionary advice supplied by Public Health Wales.

“All schools have a full range of measures in place to reduce risk, limit contact and maintain high standards of hygiene, and unaffected pupils can continue to attend lessons as normal.

“For pupils who are required to self-isolate, virtual classrooms are in place and blended learning techniques, enabling them to continue to participate and benefit from lessons.

“Parents, carers and guardians can support efforts to fight the spread of the coronavirus by remaining vigilant, and not sending children to school if they exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19.”