Elvis fans thanked for keeping Porthcawl safe

Bridgend County Borough Council and South Wales Police are thanking Elvis fans for helping to keep Porthcawl safe by not travelling to the town and gathering in large numbers while the coronavirus pandemic is in effect.

The Leader, Cllr Huw David, said: “Many people were disappointed after this year’s Elvis Festival had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, especially after booking their accommodation and making arrangements to travel into Porthcawl for the event.

“Concerns were high that people might decide to make a weekend of it anyway, and that large numbers would gather in the town to drink, celebrate and relax.

“Had this happened, it would have potentially exposed visitors, residents and local businesses to coronavirus, and with cases rising across the region, the council and South Wales Police had to make sure that people got the message to think twice, stay home, and stay safe.

“Thankfully, this was a huge success, and the weekend passed without incident.”

Chief Superintendent Dorian Lloyd of South Wales Police said: “Bridgend County Borough Council and South Wales Police would like to thank everyone who was thinking of visiting Porthcawl despite the cancelled Elvis Festival, but who listened to common sense and chose to keep themselves and others safe instead.

“Compliance with Covid-19 rules and restrictions have generally been very good across Bridgend County Borough, and the weekend of the cancelled Elvis Festival was an excellent example of how many people are displaying a mature and sensible attitude towards the virus.

“We want to acknowledge this, and to thank the public for the restraint, compliance and general support that they are continuing to demonstrate throughout the ongoing pandemic.”