Mobile testing centre launched for residents of Bridgend County Borough – Walk-ins available tomorrow

Following the recent announcement of Covid-19 restrictions in Bridgend County Borough, a walk-in mobile testing centre will be available for public use at the Bowls Hall car park of Bridgend Life Centre from Friday 24 September 2020.

Open seven days a week between 9am-5pm, the mobile facility is likely to be in place for several weeks depending on how the situation develops. It will be available to anyone who is displaying coronavirus symptoms of a high temperature, a new, persistent cough, or a loss or change in their sense of taste or smell.

As the facility is likely to be very busy, it is important that only people who are exhibiting symptoms of coronavirus attend to have a test.

The following FAQs provide more information.

Can I access the testing centre if I don’t live in Bridgend County Borough?
You can only access the testing centre if you are a resident living anywhere in Bridgend County Borough. You should ONLY attend the testing centre if you are showing coronavirus symptoms:
• A new continuous cough.
• A high temperature.
• A loss of / change to your normal sense of smell or taste.

Symptom checker

You can check for coronavirus symptoms at

I have been told to self-isolate but do not have symptoms. Can I have a test?
If you are a contact of a case and have been told to self-isolate, you must do this for 14 days and should not leave your home for any reason other than to have a test. If you become symptomatic, you need to have a test as soon as possible and follow the advice given by the healthcare professionals. If you do not have coronavirus symptoms, you do not need to be tested unless directed to by a relevant authority.

Can I just turn up?

Yes – this is a walk in test centre. Please note that at times of high use, you may need to wait.

Do I need to have proof of residency for Bridgend County Borough?
This testing centre is just for residents in Bridgend County Borough, so please only visit for a test if you are living in this area. If you have ID or proof of address for Bridgend County Borough, please bring it along with you when you attend the testing centre. You may be asked at the testing centre if you are a Bridgend County Borough resident.

Do I need to have symptoms to be tested? What are they?

Yes – you ONLY need to visit for a test if you are showing signs of any of the following coronavirus symptoms:
• A new continuous cough.
• A high temperature.
• A loss of / change to your normal sense of smell or taste.
You can check for coronavirus symptoms at

Can I be accompanied for a test?

Yes, but only if there is someone else within your household who is feeling well enough to accompany you. You should not be accompanied by someone outside your household.

I don’t feel well – can I drive to the test centre?

If you do not feel well enough to drive yourself, then please do not drive. You can book a home test online test online –

Is there car parking available at the test centre?

Yes – there is parking available on site.

I cannot access the test centre as I can’t use public transport. How can I get a test?

For the safety of others and the potential risk of spreading the virus into the community, please DO NOT use public transport to get to the testing centre. You can book a home test online –

What happens at the centre?

On arrival, you will be asked to provide your name, date of birth and address and will be guided through the process by staff.

Will it be drive-through?

No – this is a walk-through facility only.

Will I need to swab myself?

Yes – you will be asked to self-swab. You will be completely guided though the process by healthcare professionals at the testing centre.

When and how will I get my result?

Most people get their test results the day after taking the test via text message. Some results might take longer, but you should receive them within 72 hours. It is important that you provide the correct mobile contact details to support this.

How long will the test centre be there for?

The Covid-19 situation in Bridgend County Borough will continue to be monitored, and this will influence decisions on how long the temporary testing unit will be in place.

Am I putting myself at risk of catching Covid-19 by going to the test centre?

No – you can ONLY access testing if you already have symptoms. There is no increased risk as long as you continue to adhere to social distancing, and ONLY leave your home to go directly to the testing unit and go straight back home again while avoiding public transport. You will be asked to maintain social distancing at the testing centre, and to also wear a mask while waiting for your test.