South Wales Neurophysiotherapy Centre re-opens to full caseload

Neurophysiotherapist Sara Davis, Clinic Director at Neuro Physio Wales, says since re-opening in June, the team have been fully booked and were delighted to be able to welcome clients for in-person treatment again.

Sara explains:

“Neurophysiotherapists see clients in a variety of situations, for example they may be recovering from a traumatic spinal or brain injury after an accident, they may be recovering from a stroke or they may have a medical condition such as parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy or multiple sclerosis, for example.  We can also help with balance problems and general rehabilitation.  In all cases, our specialist team of neurophysiotherapists will work with clients, using the latest technology to both retain and recover abilities, create new pathways in the brain and help our patients achieve the best possible outcome they can.

“It’s really rewarding work and while we were really encouraged to see clients continue their progress with video appointments during lockdown, from using our skills alone, we are now able to once again also offer a wide range of therapies, technologies and tools to complement our skills that were not available via video.

“We have both hygiene and social distancing measures in place to protect both our therapists and our clients, and while it is now ‘business as usual’ for us, what we do is so much more than business, our work is literally life-changing.  There’s no better motivation than seeing a client recover the smallest ability, such as being able to grip your arm for the first time since a stroke years ago, or seeing a client smile when they are able to stand and ‘walk’ for the first time using our track hoists to support their body weight as their muscles become stronger.

“I would like to thank our loyal clients, it’s been great to see them in person again, and also a big thank you to the Neurophysio Wales team who were extremely supportive and professional, enabling us to re-organise the clinic to operate within the new infection control guidelines.