Tell the council when food parcels are not required

Families where children are eligible to receive free school meals are being reminded that they need to inform Bridgend County Borough Council if they are planning to go on holiday or spend time away from home over the summer period so that weekly food parcel deliveries do not take place.

Featuring a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, pasta, sauces and tinned food, each parcel contains enough food to provide a child with breakfast and lunch for five days and costs £21.50 to provide using funding from Welsh Government.

With a five-day frozen meal option available for pupils with special dietary requirements, around 5,000 food parcels are being delivered every week to homes across the county borough.

Cllr Charles Smith, Cabinet Member for Education and Regeneration, said: “The food parcel deliveries are proving to be of huge benefit for children who are eligible to receive free school meals, and the council recently agreed to continue to provide them throughout the summer holiday period to ensure children are receiving enough to eat during the pandemic.

“There have been a number of benefits associated with the food parcel system. It has prevented families from undertaking unnecessary travel, has avoided potential problems with access and has provided an extra level of reassurance that children are receiving the food.

“It has also supported safeguarding arrangements by enabling additional face-to-face contact from school staff and our Vulnerable Groups Team.

“As lockdown requirements continue to ease, parents, carers and guardians can help us ensure that the delivery system remains efficient and cost-effective by remembering to tell us of any periods where they may be visiting family, away from home or on holiday.

You can update the council by emailing [email protected]