Covid-19 update from Bridgend County Borough – 15 June

New shielding advice

Residents who have been identified as being at high risk of severe illness from coronavirus are receiving letters advising that while the shielding period has been extended to 16 August, they can now leave their home to exercise or meet outside with people from another household. Aimed at people shielding in their own homes or within long-term care facilities, the letter advises people to strictly follow social distancing of at least two metres, to practice good hygiene and avoid touching things that others have touched. The revised advice has been issued by Welsh Government as latest research shows that the virus does not spread as easily outdoors, and that staying at home for long periods of time can affect people’s health and well-being. You can find out more at the Welsh Government website.


New free service helping young people during the pandemic

A new free service is enabling young people in Bridgend County Borough to chat online with the council’s youth support team during the pandemic. Children, teenagers and young adults aged 11–25 who live locally can use the service to access help with issues ranging from housing and advice on work-related training to one-to-one emotional wellbeing sessions or even if they are just feeling lonely and bored. You can access the service and find out more about how the council is supporting young people at the Bridgend Youth Support pages of the council’s website.


Staying one step ahead of Covid-19

The Test, Trace and Protect service is working to help people access support and contain the spread of the coronavirus in Wales. It works by tracing people who have been in close contact with residents and key workers who have tested positive for Covid-19, and ensuring they also have support while working out who else they might have been in contact with to stay one step ahead of the virus. Visit the council’s coronavirus page for more details.

Dad offers thanks to community

A father who tragically lost his wife after they both contracted Covid-19 has offered his thanks to the local community, including staff at the Princess of Wales Hospital who helped him make a full recovery, and social care workers at Bridgend County Borough Council who cared for his 13 year old daughter while he was ill. Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, Johnny Medel, 38, said: “I am a man of faith and want to thank God and all those who came to my aid: the doctors, nurses and health assistants at the Princess of Wales Hospital, especially in ward seven and the intensive care unit; the Filipino community in South Wales; Bridgend Council, who were fantastic with my daughter, and all my friends, family and people around the world who prayed for me.” Speaking from home after being reunited with his daughter, Mr Medel, a healthcare worker, added: “There are no words to describe my gratitude, and the love and support they gave.”


Pandemic scammers

Scammers are making the most of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic to target people at home with an increasing range of fake, authentic-looking emails designed to get a householder to hand over confidential information and cash. The latest claims to be from ‘the Government Digital Service Team’ at GOV.UK advising that residents are entitled to receive a refund, and offering an online link to make the necessary arrangements. If you have received one of these emails, do not respond to it or click on any links – never hand out confidential information online, and remember that fi something appears too good to be true, it usually is.


Leaflet targets households with support

A reassurance leaflet is currently being delivered to all homes across Bridgend County Borough along with a copy of the recycling timetable for the rest of the year. The leaflet includes information on how to access important care and support during the coronavirus pandemic, and can also be viewed online.