Leading Welsh Neurophysiotherapist offers Online Consultations to Support Rehabilitation through Lockdown

A leading South Wales neurophysiotherapy clinic is now offering Skype consultations to ensure the clinic’s neuro-rehabilitation clients are able to continue with their regular sessions, as well as reach a wider audience during the current lockdown.
Bridgend-based NeuroPhysio Wales has brought in the online sessions because many of the clinic’s clients are likely to lose progress if their regular sessions cannot continue during this national emergency.  Lead Therapist and Clinic Director Sara Davis explains:
“As neurophysiotherapists, we know the life changing value of what we do, and while we can offer a degree of general advice, there is no substitute for working one on one with a client. All the exercises and recommendations we offer are tailored to the client, but we can observe clients,  prescribe new exercises and monitor progress online.
“This has the added benefit that vulnerable clients don’t need to travel to see us, making our service accessible to a wider audience, many of whom may not have access to a local neuro-physiotherapist, because it is such a specialist skill set.”
“Our online neurophysiotherapy support service can be accessed across the UK and we look forward to using this new tool to help even more clients recover lost abilities and improve brain function after a stroke, injury or neurological illness, as well as helping newly diagnosed Parkinsons Disease patients.”
For more information, or to book an online consultation, please visit https://neurophysio-wales.co.uk/ or telephone 07787 517146