Caution over ‘traffic light’ system used in windows to identify those in need of help

Bridgend County Borough Council’s Leader is urging residents to be cautious over the use of a coronavirus ‘traffic light’ system to alert others that they need help.

The system sees residents displaying different coloured cards or posters in their windows to indicate whether they’re self-isolating, need help or are fine during the pandemic.

It is being used in communities in various parts of the UK.

However the leader, Cllr Huw David has urged caution over the initiative.

He said:

“While this is a well-intentioned scheme, we are concerned it could be a signal to someone who may take advantage if they know a vulnerable person is living there.

“Instead we urge residents to use the alternative ways we have in Bridgend county borough to request help.”

Anyone in need of help can either contact the Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations (BAVO) by emailing [email protected] or calling 01656 810400or contacting Bridgend County Borough Council’s customer service centre on 01656 643643.

BAVO is coordinating the county borough’s volunteers with hundreds of people having signed up to befriend and check on their welfare of residents, go shopping for those who need it, take patients home from hospital and collect prescriptions among other types of assistance.

BAVO’s chief executive Heidi Bennett said:

“While the vast majority of people genuinely want to help their local neighbours, we have to be mindful of the few that may have other intentions.

“Unfortunately, we are still hearing about scams during this time and we want to safeguard vulnerable people as much as possible.

“If you want to safely volunteer in your local community please get in touch with us at BAVO and we can give some practical help and guidance.”