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Audit Wales Consult South Wales Police over Porthcawl Council Accounts Audit

Porthcawl Town Council yesterday issued a statement as Audit Wales have contacted South Wales Police over concerns regarding the town’s accounts for 2019/20.   A spokesman said:

“Audit Wales have been undertaking an in-depth audit of the Town Council’s accounts for 2019/2020.

“Audit Wales have now arrived at a position where they will need to interview members and staff of the Council to gain a complete view of certain events and decisions. However, Audit Wales have some concerns which could potentially fall outside of their remit to consider and bring to a conclusion.

“Audit Wales have therefore consulted with South Wales Police to see if it would be appropriate to progress to interviews. South Wales Police have advised that they will now be taking this matter forward.

“Audit Wales and Porthcawl Town Council will assist South Wales Police fully with their enquiries.”