Transport for Wales celebrates National Inclusion Week

The theme this year, is Each One, Reach One. It’s about the opportunity that we all have to connect with someone else, or another organisation with a focus on inspiring each other to make inclusion an everyday reality.

Transport for Wales (TfW), the not-for-profit company driving forward the Welsh Government’s vision for transport in Wales, is committed to the principles and practices of equal opportunities and diversity, both as an employer, and as a service provider.

In July 2020, the company established its equality, diversity and inclusion working group, which seeks to work together and drive inclusivity forward.

Made up of volunteers from across the company, the group focuses on specific strands which are based on the nine protected characteristics outlined in the Equality Act (2010).

Emma Eccles, Senior HR Business Partner and Chair of TfW’s equality, diversity and inclusion working group, said:

“We’re committed to being an employer of choice, and at the heart of achieving this is making sure that all our people are treated with respect and dignity at all times.

“That’s why I’m proud to chair our equality, diversity and inclusion working group. The group’s volunteers have been working tirelessly to ensure that everyone within the company and our supply chain feel respected and valued.

“A diverse workforce is pivotal to the success of an organisation when differing perspectives, thoughts, beliefs, and ideas come together which helps employers have different views on various business challenges and opportunities.

“We’re also committed to being an inclusive workforce, where employees of all backgrounds feel welcomed and equally treated. The working group will be pivotal in our commitment to develop a culture where employees are at the heart of our company and are respected and included for all the attributes that they possess.”

As part of TfW’s commitment to establish best practice, they’ve partnered with Delsion, to develop clear equality, diversity and inclusion objectives.

Julian John, Founder and Managing Director of Delsion, said:

“Delsion is delighted to be working alongside TfW. Every conversation that we’ve had and objective that we’ve discussed has encapsulated the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion.

“Equality, diversity and inclusion is fundamentally about people and allowing them to reach their potential within an organisation and removing the barriers that may prevent that.

“It’s allowing people to be truly authentic, to bring themselves to work and to be treated and accepted as individuals, as well as creating a sense of belonging for everyone within an organisation.

“TfW has a clear vision of how equality, diversity and inclusion can positively impact every area of the organisation and how that will benefit individuals, the organisation, customers and Wales. We’re proud to be a part of supporting that vision.”

To find out more about our commitment to promoting equality and diversity, please visit: