Ty Tanglwyst Dairy Farm delivering Milk, Eggs, Cream, Juice and Honey in Bridgend, Pencoed, Maesteg and Swansea

Ty Tanglwyst dairy offer local dairy produce direct from their farm as well as locally produced eggs, honey and cartons of juice direct to doorsteps in South Wales.

As deliveries have increased this week they have issued the following statement:

“To help us respond to queries for household deliveries we need: 1st line of address. Postcode. please specify whole milk, semi skimmed milk or skimmed milk. choose your bottle size: 1 pint, 1 litre or 2 litre. If you want a box of eggs, 250ml double cream, 200g butter, 1L apple juice, 1L orange juice or a jar of honey let us know how many per. Most delivery rounds are either twice or three times a week. spread your milk requirements out evenly across the week to keep your milk fresh. Please bear with us while we get you going in some shape. We can iron out delivery volumes and any issues in future weeks when things calm down. Prices vary slightly depending on area. Thank you for your patience.”

They have rounds covering Bridgend, Pencoed, Maesteg and Swansea.  For more information, to see if they cover your area or to order, please visit their Facebook page.